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Posted 23 March 2012 - 12:36 PM

Ever wanted to play the famous and well known BattleShips game in MineCraft?
Now you can!
Play against your friends or the computer? It's all possible!

Player commands:
  • [color=#0000BF]/zs help <PageNumber> - Shows all available commands.
  • [color=#0000BF]/zs list - This will list all available FieldNames!
  • [color=#0000BF]/zs inv [PlayerName] [FieldName] - Sends an invite to a player.
  • [color=#0000BF]/zs start [FieldName] [FieldName] - Starts a match against the Server.
  • [color=#0000BF]/zs deny - Denies the invite of a player.
  • [color=#0000BF]/zs accept - Accept the invite of a player.
  • [color=#0000BF]/zs cancel - Cancels your invite to someone.
  • [color=#0000BF]/zs random OR [color=#0000BF]/zs r - Places your boats randomly across the field.
  • [color=#0000BF]/zs ready - Sets you status to Ready, and the game will start when both players have used '/zs ready'!
no rewards ... just for fun.

credits: video + game - jucko13

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