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Admin apply 2nd try

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#1 HappyLittleB00zer


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Posted 08 June 2012 - 09:10 AM

Ok, this is my second try to go for an admin on DM server.
As you all know, server is overflowing with cheaters lately, and there aren't enough admins, or they aren't online enough.
For the start, something about me...
-My name is Stefan Usturojevic. Im 18 years old, i live in Kladovo, in eastern part of Serbia.
I joined Setti DM in January 2011. Now i am ranked #1 on Setti DM psychostats. Most of players know me under the names of
[Unknown] Jigsaw, HappyLittleBoozer and HLB | Right Now! , i have a lot of friends on the server, and the reason im applying for an admin is only because im getting sick of waiting in spectators for a cheater to get bored and go away. I wanna do something about it... I am very silent player, but when it comes to deciding whether someone hacks or not, i think that i am pretty much able to find that out. I was playing FPS online games since i was 14 yrs, i payed CS 1.6, every Call of Duty since Modern Warfare got out, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142, even Quake III arena and APB ( All Points Bulletin), and that is what makes me be so confident about this. My gaming experience shown me all kinds of cheats and profiles of cheaters, from trolers to guys that can really hide the fact that they are using hacks. I speak Serbian, my English is very good (my girlfriends mum is my English professor, it has to be that way LMFAO!), and a lil' bit German. Im online a lot, considering that my playtime in DM has gone over 140 hours by now, and i really hope that this topic results in something. Only thing that isnt positive about this apply is that i wasnt active on forums, and there was a good reason for it, i didnt feel need for it because thing were a lot better back when i joined Setti Deathmatch server.
Warmest regards,

[color=#0000ff]-Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is a gift. That's why its called present. (Grand Master Oogway)

#2 Infazci_25



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Posted 08 June 2012 - 09:24 AM


#3 Marioc



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Posted 08 June 2012 - 09:30 AM

Wrong forum section. Anyways +1. Good luck.

#4 IrGeNdJeMaNd-AUT


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Posted 08 June 2012 - 10:22 AM

+1 only if you start being active on forum.
Limited admins have to make ban requests in order to keep cheaters asses banned.
Also it is necessary to keep in contact with Setti's head administration, regulars and other limited admins. News will be only displayed on forum.

#5 Da paNic KiD

Da paNic KiD


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Posted 08 June 2012 - 11:04 AM

+1 from me too. Good luck :thumbsup:

#6 Ellanios


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Posted 08 June 2012 - 02:35 PM


#7 Anonymous123



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Posted 21 June 2012 - 01:09 PM


#8 Rafy



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Posted 17 July 2012 - 01:28 PM

+1 For you , Good luck..!

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