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Posted 07 October 2015 - 02:02 PM

Hello everyone. Just came back after a long hiatus
Everything was stinking. Like an old man's flatus
Tried to ignored it at first, but it kept stinking like hell
So I decided to ring the a-larm bell
I was gentle at the beginning, moving with slow pace
Tried to give you a heads up and clean up this dirty place
But you kept ignoring me like a hypnotized puppet
What's wrong with you man? Stop hiding in the closet
Reinforcements came after, just a bundle of sticks
That only gave me laughter, they were five not even six
They want to flame, but they aint got no fire
They want to drive by, but they have a flat tire
Attacking me from every direction
You had my curiosity, but now my..  
-Sir. Yessir!
-At ease, soldier. The war is over.
- woohoo!
- It's all in your head son. Posttraumatic stress disorder.
Oh shit...
I've escaped from the mad house sliding on the bannister
I will burn your sorry asses and keep the ashes in a canister
If I were on Game of Thrones, I would be Jaime Lannister
Killing the Mad King and fucking my hot sister.
Winter is cumming. Wise up you retards!
Don't you get the message? Ohhh it's too late now...

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