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Unban request

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Posted 04 February 2021 - 03:05 PM

Ok, so I really don't remember when I got banned, It was surely 4 months but i really don't remember the exact date. If I can find out pls tell me how.

I think that I was banned by the admin who banned me not cuz of cheating. He banned me for some personal argue we had, but he never admitted that. Back then I asked him did you banned me? and he told me no you were banned by the console and I have no access to console, but there was no reason for anyone else to ban me because I wasn't cheating. And in past few days I met with him on discord again and I asked him "idk why I got banned lol I wasn't even cheating" (I was like - I don't remember that he told me that I got banned by the console) and then he told me "you were banned by SMAC". I didn't wanted to argue I just said oh ok, but the thing is that SMAC couldn't ban me because I wasn't really cheating (he thought I was). I just got to mention as well that my friend told me that he said to him that he banned me and he told him not to tell me (sorry for my eng). That is the whole story.

I will just paste everything that came out in console 


hostname: CS: Source by neutrino-digital.com [SRB|EU]
version : 5394425/24 5394425 secure
udp/ip  :  (public ip:
steamid : [A:1:2669316104:16456] (90142673198549000)
map     : de_dust2 at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
tags    : 
players : 1 humans, 0 bots (16 max)
edicts  : 217 used of 2048 max
Map was de_dust2 on setti dust2

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Posted 08 March 2021 - 12:57 AM

First of all, the hostname you posted is about some other community server, not ours.

Second of all, based on our banlist you played in one of our servers as well and you got banned for the same reason.

Third of all, SMAC is not human being to make a mistake. It's a plugin runing on the servers. SMAC stands for SourceMod Anti-Cheat.

And lastly if you indeed never used cheats and you have no idea how all this happened, i guess you downloaded and installed a bad non-Steam CSS release (client - game).

Feel free to download CSS from us so you avoid getting banned from other community servers in the future.

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