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[Tutorial] Source Recorder

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Posted 20 December 2010 - 02:31 AM

Have you ever wanted to make frags? Well now it's easy! Without using Fraps, because Fraps lowers your FPS while you record, you can use Source Recorder. Source Recorder comes with your game you downloaded (Mainly tested on CSS and CS).

•To record, make sure you have CONSOLE on. By turning on CONSOLE, go to Options>Keyboard>Advanced>Check Developers Console
•Enter a server where you will begin recording. Press (~) and your CONSOLE should be loaded up. After that, type 'record (demo name)' without quotes. Example : record frag1
•You should now be recording and your fps should not drop. Type in CONSOLE 'net_graph 1' without quotes if you want to see your FPS.
•To stop recording, type 'stop' without quotes in CONSOLE. Your video should be stopped
•To check your videos, go to your 'cstrike' folder.

[Reviewing your videos]
•Press (~) to open up CONSOLE. After that, type in 'demoui' without quotes. A menu should load up. Click 'Load' to browse your video.
•There is also another way to watch your videos. Press (~) and type 'playdemo (demo name)' Example : playdemo frag1

[Turning your videos into .AVI]
•Press (~) to open up CONSOLE. Once CONSOLE is loaded, type 'startmovie (movie name) avi' without quotes. Example : startmovie frag1 avi
•Choose your video compression type and click 'OK'
•Now go back to CONSOLE and type 'playdemo (demo name)' without quotes. Example : playdemo frag1
•It should start recording frame by frame. It won't have sounds when recording, and it will lag. But once you're done, your newly .avi video will have sounds.
•Once your video is done, open up CONSOLE and type 'endmovie' without quotes.
•You can find your video in the main folder of Counter Strike Source.

-Tutorial by Merc-

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