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[SOLVED] Cant add to Masterserver -> "STEAM validation rejected"

23 October 2011 - 06:08 AM

Hi, i just wanted to add my L4D2 Server to the Masterserverlist, but i cant.

Here are the Logs i got

[Sun Oct 23 05:44:26 2011]: Verifying 84.X.X.X:27015 (84.X.X.X:27015)
[Sun Oct 23 05:44:26 2011]: Got KEY (l4d) from 84.X.X.X:27015
[Sun Oct 23 05:44:26 2011]: Server reply: 9STEAM validation rejected
[Sun Oct 23 05:44:26 2011]: FAIL. Server denied me.

Server console:

RejectConnection: - STEAM validation rejected
RejectConnection: - STEAM validation rejected

Server is properly patched with RevCrew_linux_01092011-1-1

As ich read in forums, i am not the only one having problems adding servers.
Anyway this Server is online, using latest server version, everybody can connect and firewall not blocking.

thx and greetings