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Admin request CS:GO

26 May 2012 - 08:26 PM

I want to become an admin on the setti server CS:GO. I have played cs:s for 2 years now, started playing here on setti, so I know the other regulars. I play cs:s nearly every day and so I read the setti forum every day too. I think I have had enough experience to recognize players using cheats. And I think my stats are not that bad and I'm predominantly playing on the following two servers (sometimes pub3 too):

http://css.setti.inf...ayer.php?id=574  now #1 :)
http://css.setti.inf...yer.php?id=2474  currently not so aktiv because there aren´t so many players...
http://css.setti.inf...er.php?id=20946 only #48 because started playing here = at the beginning not that good :whistling:

1. As you probably known, there are hardly any admins on both servers, but lots of cheaters... L
2. I think that the reputation of setti takes quite much damage from such incidents. So I want to help setti to make this server a bit cleaner.

Also there are much German players and I speak German (I live in Germany) so I could understand them ;)

I hope you vote for me to make this server cleaner :thumbsup: