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Join Setti's Discord!!!

17 August 2017 - 05:00 PM

Hey everyone.
I decided to make a discord server for Setti since it's much better than TS3. You are all welcomed to join and have fun.
Important features:

  • "report-cheater" channel - report a cheater to the admins online in discord
  • "looking-to-play" channel - ask people to play with you
  • "trade" channel - trade items with others
  • "servers" channel - a list of all Setti servers with click 'n' join links
  • "CSGO-STATS" bot - show stats, inventory, rank, VAC status of someone else
  • Many voice channels to join with your team for communication while you play.


Join, invite people, have fun!

Online Again!

22 July 2017 - 05:46 PM

Hello everyone!


You all probably noticed that forum was down for some period. The game servers as well. That was caused by a server (host) failure. We had a database backup though so everything is ok after all. Forum is back online! :)


Also! There was an update for CS:S. I worked on it and i uploaded the new v13 update patch. You will find it here: http://css.setti.inf...teampipe-setti/


Now i will work on the CS:S and CS:GO servers. They need update. After that, you guys will be able to join and play. I will let you know in this thread when they are ready.



Rare Steam Accounts

03 February 2016 - 05:28 PM

This week i spotted two Steam accounts that made me be like WTF?!?! Post other rare Steam accounts below. :P


~400.000$ CS:GO inventory :o



24 VAC bans?! O.o


SMAC False Ban Wave

19 December 2015 - 12:39 AM



In recent CS:GO updates VALVe modified a cvar or a part of a code and SMAC false bans almost everyone. I noticed that when i saw around 20 bans in a row by SMAC in our ban list. I updated SMAC so hopefully this is fixed now. I also have already started unbanning bans based on the creation date of this topic. It's actually a report about this issue.


Anyway. I hope this is fixed now since i updated SMAC. If the issue continues, i will have to disable the specific SMAC module. But that means we will have to count on our admins more.

Shut HLStatsX Down

16 December 2015 - 01:51 PM

Hey everyone.


HLStatsX causes high CPU useage when it transfers data from the CSS / CSGO servers to the database in real time. Most of the pong server crashes (if not all of them) are caused by that. Plus i noticed that it's probably the reason of players having a bit higher ping than normal. I say that because one day HLStatsX wasn't working. I joined the CSGO main server and i had 80-90 ping while i have 90-100 with HLStatsX working. Same goes to another player who was in the server that day, Joker aka Arma. He had 30-40 ping while he has 40-50 with HLStatsX working.


So i suggest we temporarily shut HLStatsX down until we move to the new website. After we do that, HLStatsX will be installed on the server where the new forum will be installed. Not on the server where the game servers are installed as it is till now. Which means we will have HLStatsX without these issues. The current rank and stats of each player will be transferred to the new HLStatsX installation. So there is no worry of players lose them.


Thanks in advance.