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#98421 Ringing the alarm bell (for the 2nd time)

Posted by DickNipple on 12 October 2015 - 09:31 AM

*Miscellaneous Ellanios-noise*


I appreciate the effort, but the fact that you dug through an old Day Of Defeat ban on a random server shows how desperate and pathetic you really are.

The fact still stands that you aren't admin-material. I will be celebrating the day they take you off your rights. Have a good day.

#98334 Ringing the alarm bell (for the 2nd time)

Posted by DickNipple on 24 September 2015 - 06:24 PM

I do apologize for highjacking the thread, but it is rather amusing seeing someone derailing from the fact that they're an unsuitable admin for the CSGO-servers with unnecessary facts.


Administrators of all sorts should lead by example. Calling ANYONE cunt/nigger/various curse words and abusing their powers (i.e muting without warning, threatening people over a disagreement) isn't really what is supposed to be happening from anyone, not the least from someone who is supposed to keep the server and the community in good order. And the whole "he said, she said" deal, i don't buy it. Again - leading by example is greatly unappreciated. If someone were to act out or be disrespectful in a server, against a player or even an admin, they would most likely be warned, proceed to get muted or alternatively get banned. But apparently as an admin, "someone" gets to go free for the fact that they are in a higher position. That is a textbook example of admin abuse.


Call it what you want, all i see is someone who shouldn't have administrating powers of the CS:GO server.


And please, do look up my chatlog in-game. I use every curse word from A to Z and trashtalk like a motherfucker, because apparently, you can.