Using Setti server list with HLSW

It is possible to load Setti serverlist in HLSW. This may be useful for those who want to browse servers without starting a game or Steam.

HLSW is a game server browser, which can launch many different games. HLSW is also a good server administration tool and it's easy to use with RCON. HLSW has been translated to many different languages, which makes it easy to learn.

Here are instructions how you can get Setti server list automatically updated in HLSW:

  1. Download HLSW from
  2. Install and start HLSW
  3. Server List -> New
    1. File name: Setti
    2. Name: Setti Server List
    3. OK
  4. Select Setti Server List
  5. Server List -> Properties
    1. Choose "Web Server List"
    2. Change to "Web List" tab
    3. Set URL:
    4. OK
  6. GG & HF! 

Install instructions in screenshots

Setti serverlist in HLSW - Have fun!