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PlayGround - Professional Ukrainian game servers hosting. We provide our customers with a convenient multi-functional control panel for managing their servers. Many years of experience in the gaming servers allows us to provide high quality servers for low prices.

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CC IP address Server name Players Game TypeGame Version
Ukraine91.211.116.20:27020Типичная Украина © 18+ | Public31 / 32Counter-Strike47
Ukraine91.211.116.22:27015ВЕСЕЛЫЙ СЕРВEР 18+ [СУМЫ]2 / 32Counter-Strike1.1.2.7/Stdio
Ukraine91.211.116.22:27020 .::Zombie Server |.[n-style].|::.5 / 16Counter-Strike1.1.2.7/Stdio
Ukraine91.211.116.27:27037ХЕРСОН-НИКОЛАЕВ-РОВНО-ФРАН К!®#11 /
Ukraine91.211.116.27:27038КИЕВ-ОДЕССА-ВИННИЦА-ЧЕРКАС Ы!®#12 /
Ukraine91.211.116.27:27039ХАРЬКОВ-ЛЬВОВ-ЗАПОРОЖЬЕ-ЛУ К!®#19 /
Ukraine91.211.116.27:27040ДНЕПР-ПОЛТАВА-СУМЫ-ЧЕРНИГО !®#19 /