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Serva4ok (Сервачок, "Servachok") is the largest Russian hosting service in rent game servers. Serva4ok's main goal is to provide quality services for everyone regardless of their prior knowledge about server hosting.

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CC IP address Server name Players Game TypeGame Version
Russian Federation193.26.217.95:28561Ganstapo_С_Минск2 / 32Serva4ok.ru47
Russian Federation193.26.217.95:28650Serer [Nov fly]v340 / 11Counter-Strike: Source1.0.0.34
Russian Federation193.26.217.95:37582Bullet TV0 / 16Protected by SMAC: v341.0.0.34
Russian Federation193.26.217.98:27253Другой мир •[Зомби]•4 / 24[www.BestKiLL.Ru]47
Russian Federation83.222.115.146:27030Orange Paradise 18+0 / 22_T_y_u_m_e_n_7_2_1.1.2.7/Stdio