Left 4 Dead Server List

Here are servers for the specific game type. The servers are grouped by country. You can look for servers in your own country or neighbouring countries to find the best ping servers.

Setti masterserver.

Setti masterserver is recommended way to user the server list. You can install Setti masterserver by following instructions at Setti masterserver installation instructions page.

The servers can be also searched by the form below. You can write the name or the IP address of the server to search for it. The results show the servers that matched the search query.

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CC IP address Server name Players Game Version
Russian Federation212.92.101.38:28015ОМЕГА #2 [coop|norm] v.10380 /
Russian Federation46.174.48.11:27220BIRD [v.]1 /
Russian Federation46.174.48.12:27201UKR COOP L4D [no-steam]0 /
Russian Federation46.174.48.12:27243SPARTAN WITCH - FORCE1 /
Russian Federation46.174.48.12:27255Bloody_Way0 /
Russian Federation46.174.48.18:27234FreeZone|Coop|100T0 /
Russian Federation46.174.48.20:27209LooSErv2 /
Russian Federation46.174.48.44:27218New server by MyArena.ru0 /
Russian Federation46.174.48.44:27225FantastiC0 /
Russian Federation46.174.48.45:27224G-MAN0 /
Russian Federation46.174.48.47:27214STELS / MIRINDA0 /
Russian Federation46.174.48.49:27211CoMpAnY SUpEr TaNkS4 /
Russian Federation46.174.48.49:27218LooSErv MC0 /
Russian Federation46.174.49.28:27209★ В О С Х О Д ★0 /
Russian Federation46.174.50.30:27245l4d.H-EATQORE [RU] #1 v /
Russian Federation46.174.50.33:27214|| I N F E C T E D ||v1035no steam|HARDCORE MODE0 /
Russian Federation46.174.50.33:27240ОМЕГА #1 [coop|norm] v.10353 /
Russian Federation46.174.50.33:27241l4d.H-EATQORE [RU] #2 v /
Russian Federation46.174.50.37:27224l4d.H-EATQORE [RU] #3 v /
Russian Federation46.174.50.37:27246L4D.MEAT [RU] versus v1.0.3.50 /
Russian Federation46.174.52.15:27288► SMS ᴿᵒᶪᵉˢ1 /
Russian Federation46.174.52.17:27223THE A.V.E.N.G.E.R.S0 /
Russian Federation46.174.52.2:27237ALPHA_ELEMENT [18+] |VERSUS|3 /
Russian Federation46.174.52.20:27222Not standart server v.4.030 /
Russian Federation46.174.52.26:27209MIRINDA |T1|4 /
Russian Federation46.174.52.26:27225SUPERNATURAL1 /
Russian Federation46.174.52.26:27285FAIR-Versus |For_Fun|2 /
Russian Federation46.174.52.28:27224MARSUS versus |Hard|0 /
Russian Federation46.174.52.28:27287RENAISSANCE0 /
Russian Federation46.174.52.3:27223Awem! L4D [no-steam]0 /
Russian Federation46.174.53.74:27015Be my Sacrifice![Εӿρεŗϯ]0 /
Russian Federation46.174.54.133:27015Private Server L4D |128T|~*4v4 Hardcore{Ice Mod}*0 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27015[₲₲] Gun Game ⑤ ☑3 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27017Parkour Mod 1035 [l4dpro.ru]2 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27018SURVIVAL`8 Paradis 1035 [l4dpro.ru] 3/83 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27019COOP`18 Paradis [l4dpro.ru] v1035 3/183 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27020COOP`18 Paradis [l4dpro.ru] v1031 11/1811 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27021DoubleTank *Versus 16 [l4dpro.ru] v10283 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27022COOP`18 Paradis [l4dpro.ru] v1038 2/182 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27023Parkour Mod *[l4dpro.ru]0 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27024COOP`10 Paradis [l4dpro.ru] 0/10 0 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27025SURVIVAL`8 Paradis [l4dpro.ru] 0/80 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27027DoubleTank *Versus 16 [l4dpro.ru] v10380 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27028COOP`8 Paradis [l4dpro.ru] v1038 1/8 1 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27030DoubleTank *Versus 16 [l4dpro.ru] v10350 /
Russian Federation46.188.102.34:27031KalibR | Public [l4dpro.ru]1 /
Russian Federation82.202.249.72:28015SMS ᴿᴾ [coop|norm] v.10350 /
Russian Federation95.213.184.188:28115ARENA [vs/for_fun] v.10352 /