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Admin request

17 November 2011 - 01:57 PM

Hey all,
here is my Admin request.
My name in Game is Infazci_25. I am 21 years old. I live in Germany, but my origin is Turkey. So I can speak German, Turkish and English very well.
Im playing CSS for 4 years and for 1,5 years on Setti. Before my name was Uzzi. Im playing always on the Servers of Setti, mostly at Setti1. I have different times, in which I am on. At weekend often since the early morning. Posted Image
If I see a cheater I call as fast as I can an Admin. I have some Admins on Steam like Gringo, Weedbomb, Lemming, Syrinxeno, Mentiroso or SIGI. If I see a cheater I call them via Steam. But sometimes there are no Admins Online, or they have other important things to do and then it is really bad if there is a Cheater/Troublemaker. I know all Setti regulars and good players, so no one can tell me for example that “Gamble” is a cheater.

I am able to distinguish Cheaters and good Players. I am fair to all. I think I can be a good Admin and help the Servers and the other players.

Please vote for me!